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Part One     Listening         ( 1’*20=20’ marks)

Listen to the short presentation twice and finish the following questions.

1. What is the main topic of the presentation?

A. Language and learning.

B. Artificial intelligence.

C. The human brain.

D. Intelligent behavior.

2. What is the model for Artificial Intelligence systems

A. Intelligent behavior.

B. A machine.

C. The human brain.

D. The environment.

3. When is an Artificial Intelligence system better than the human brain?

A. When there is a lot of information to remember and process.

B. When questions need to be answered.

C. When primitive reasoning is needed.

D. When intelligent behavior is needed.

4. What is all knowledge contained in Artificial Intelligence systems based on?

A. The mysteries of the human brain.

B. Logical rules.

C. Intuition.

D. Language and learning.

Listen to the   lecture twice and fill in the missing words.

Sometimes scientists or 5.         will see an everyday object and become 6.         .Likewise, many breakthroughs in science and 7.             in the arts come during dreams. In the sciences, for example, a German 8. .            , F.A. Kebule von Stradonitz, dreamed about a 9. .              with its tail in its mouth. He said that this dream led him to his visualization of the benzene 10. .              . The dream helped him with the conceptualization he needed in order to build a 11. .            of this molecule.

       Similar stories can be 12. .                 in the arts. There is a famous English

13. .              entitled “Kubla Khan” written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Coleridge said that he 14. .              the poem during a dream and that the 15. .            he woke up, he began to write it down. While he was doing this, a 16. .            came to see him and

17. .                his writing. When he returned to his desk to  18. .              the poem, he found he could not. He had forgotten it. But, on the bright side, critics still

19. .             it one of his best poems, even though it is 20.  .            .      .


Part Two  Interpretation       (2’*20=40’ marks)

Listen to the following sentences once and put them into Chinese.

21. The impressive economic growth and sound management of the economy in the past few years are very encouraging.

22. The contemporary symbol of Geneva’s international role is the Palace of Nations, which houses the United Nations Office at Geneva.

23. In the five states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas, crude oil production almost doubled from 1,272, 782,000 barrels in 1950 to 2,480,764,000 barrels in 1972.

24. The rapid increase in immigration into the United States during the early 20th century resulted in the establishment of more English and citizenship classes and other Americanization programs for immigrants.

25. Unlike other types of education, adult education is defined by the student population rather than by the content or complexity of a learning program.

26. They also carry out studies to find out what is happening to nature and what is done by man to nature, to understand what is going on and try to remedy the situation, try to improve the situation.

27. The Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games will die the death of a thousands cuts, if we don’t open the doors, open the records and let the sun shine in now.

28. Olympic Games is held every four years at a different site, in which athletes from different nations compete against each other in a variety of sports.

29. Manufacturing developed rapidly in the 1950s and grew to become the most important economic sector in the early 1980s, when manufacturing employment reached nearly 905,000.

30. Tropical plants, sandy desert, waterfalls, craters and caves make the 780-square-kilometer Hawaiian National Park a tourist attraction.


Listen to the following sentences once and put them into English.

31. 通向开发区的高速路计划在月底建成通车。   

32. 这场金融危机是在经济全球化趋势加速发展的国际背景下发生的,给世人提供了重要的启示。

33. 世界经济全球化的发展趋势已成为不可逆转的历史潮流,以信息化为基础,以网络经济为代表的新经济正蓬勃发展。

34. 北方交通大学现有教职工2700余人,其中有院士3人、教授164人、副教授403人。


36. 多年以来中国政府在保持生态平衡、保护环境、消灭贫困、控制人口增长和改善人民的生活条件等方面做出了不遗余力的努力。

37. 世界知识产权组织的成员国现有171个,几乎占全世界国家的90%

38. 中国五十六个民族的风俗和文化是中国的宝贵财富,也是中国最重要的旅游资源之一。

39. 知识经济已初现端倪,新兴产业层出不穷。

40. 中国的优势项目有男子体操、跳水、乒乓球,女子竞走、射击和女子游泳。


Part Three  Interpretation       (10’*2+20’=40’ marks)

Listen to the following paragraphs twice and put them into Chinese. ((10’*2=20’)

41. Instead we will continue to take the fight to terrorists. Over the pas several years, I have intensified our effort on all fronts in this battleapprehending terrorists wherever they are and bringing them to justice; disrupting terrorist operations; deepening counter-terrorism cooperation with our allies; and isolating nations that support terrorism; protecting our computer networks; improving transportation security; combating the threat of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons; giving law enforcement the best counter-terrorism tools available.


42. As we enter the 21st century, a new global economy draws nations closer. But our growing interdependence hinges on much more than technology and trade. For we are linked intrinsically by the physical and biological webs that sustain life on our planet. Indeed, unless we reach across borders and face this threat together, the next century may dawn on an Earth in ecological crisis, with half of all species gone, and our grandchildren enduring deadly floods, drought and  disease brought on by global warming.

Listen to the following paragraphs twice and put them into English. (20’)

43. 打从原始人用石块做出斧头开始,人类的科技就不断改良。发明斧头一事确实代表人类丧失了一些掌握,因为有些人很会做斧头,有些人就是不会。可是斧头的发明使生活更加便利,人类才有较多时间来开发别的技能,如农耕、艺术与文字。全面电脑化只是绵延不断的发明之路上的又一步,不会让人变笨,反而会给人时间在其他方面学得更聪明。



高等教育自学考试英语专业口译与听力教程模拟试卷答案   (C)

Part One     Listening ( 1’*20=20’ marks)

1. B     2. C     3. A   4.  B 

5. artists    6. inspired     7. inspirations    8. chemist      9. snake  10. molecule  

11. model    12. found    13. poem   14.created     15. minute    16. visitor    17. interrupted    18. finish      19.  consider   20. unfinished


Part Two  Interpretation   (2’*20=40’ marks)

21. 过去几年,中国的形势令人鼓舞,经济发展显著,管理良好。

22. 日内瓦国际作用的现代象征是万国宫,联合国在日内瓦的办公室就设在那里。

23. 在阿肯色州、路易斯安那州、密西西比州、俄克拉荷马州、德克萨斯州五个州中,1972年的原油产量为2,480,764,000桶,几乎是1950年的1,272, 782,000的两倍。

24. 20世纪早期,因美国移民的迅猛增加,美国设立了更多的英语和公民意识培训班以及其他使移民美国化的计划。

25. 与其他类型的教育不同,成人教育的界定是依据学生人数而非学习计划的内容或复杂性。

26. 他们还观察自然发展的现状,关注人类对其的所作所为,以了解情况并寻求解决问题的途径,改善自然环境。

27. 如果我们不敞开大门、公开记录,让阳光照耀进来的话,盐湖城冬奥会将会遍体鳞伤而逝。

28. 奥运会每四年在不同的地方举行一次,来自不同国家的运动员进行各种运动项目的比赛。

29. 制造业在五十年代发展迅速,到八十年代已成为最重要的经济产业,那时,制造业的从业人数达905,000

30. 热带植物、沙漠、瀑布、火山口、洞穴使780平方公里的夏威夷国家公园成为旅游胜地。

31. The express way leading to the development zone is expected to open to traffic by the end of the month.

32. This crisis has occurred against the international background of accelerated economic globalization, and it has given the world people important revelations.

33. The trend of the economic globalization of world economy is a historical one that can not be reversed and a new economy based on information and represented by network economy is growing vigorously.

34. Northern JiaoTong University currently has more than 2700 faculty and staff members, including 3 academicians, 164 full professors and 403 associate professors.

35. Until 2001, under the specifications of the “211 project”, there will be 101 specially constructed colleges and universities and 602 key branches of learning with the government investment totaling up to RMB 3.2 billion.

36. For many years the Chinese government has done its utmost in the aspects of maintaining ecological balance, protecting environment, getting rid of poverty, controlling population increase and improving people’s living standard.

37. The number of the World Intellectual Property Organization member states now stands at 171, almost 90 percent of the world’s countries.

38. The various customs and cultures of 56 nationalities in China are valuable wealth of China and also one of the most important tourist resources.

39. Knowledge economy started to take shape, and new industries have kept emerging.

40. The superior events of the Chinese team are: men’s gymnastics, diving, ping-pong, women’s walking race, shooting and women’s swimming.

Part Three  Interpretation    (10’*2+20’=40’ marks)

41. 相反我们会继续与恐怖分子做斗争。在过去的几年里,我加强了这场战斗各个前线的力量——拘捕各处的恐怖分子并将他们绳之以法;瓦解恐怖分子的行动;加强与我们的盟国的反恐怖主义的合作;孤立支持恐怖主义的国家、保护我们的计算机网络;提高交通安全;与核武器、化学武器、生物武器的威胁做斗争;促使法律成为最有力的反恐怖主义工具。

42. 进入二十一世纪,一种新的全球经济把各国距离拉近了。可是我们之间不断加强的依存关系不仅取决于技术和贸易,因为从本质上讲,把我们联系在一起的是维系我们星球生命体系的自然科学及生物学网络。的确,除非我们跨国合作,共同面对这种威胁,下个世纪的地球将面临严重的生态危机:一半物种将灭绝,我们的后代将忍受全球变暖而招致的干旱、洪涝及瘟疫。

43.From the time when primitive people made an axe of a piece of stone, human science and technology was reformed continuously. Invention of axe did mean that mankind lost something for some people can make axe while some couldn’t. But the invention of axe really made our lives more convenient. And thus people have more time to develop other skills, e.g. cultivation, art and characters. Entire computerization is just another step of the ever-lasting road of invention. It won’t make people stupid. On the contrary, it gives people time to be cleverer in other fields.




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